Leibniz Open Access Publishing Fund

Publication costs for articles in open access journals can be partly absorbed by the Open Access Publishing Fund of the Leibniz Association. Publishers often charge authors with an “article processing charge (APC)” on open access articles. Please refer to the Open-Access-Commission if you want to use this funding.

Funding Conditions

Previously unpublished articles can be partially (20%) funded under the following conditions and upon the request of the main author:

  • The article was accepted for publication in a journal whose contributions are accessible online fully and immediately with publication free of charge to all users (“genuine open access journal”) and underwent a process of quality assurance before publication. The journal should be listed in the “Directory of Open Access Journals” (DOAJ).
  • A member of an institution of the Leibniz Association is the “corresponding author” or “submitting author” and responsible for the payment of article processing charges. The institute’s affiliation has to be stated in the article.
  • An acknowledgement of the funding has to be added to the article: “The publication of this article was funded by the open access fund of the Leibniz Association”.
  • If the article is not published under a Creative Commons license, a second publication right for institutional and subject-specific repositories must be granted by the publisher before the invoice can be paid.
  • Additional charges for rapid peer review, over length, etc. as well as pure submission fees will not be funded.
  • The article’s processing charges (including tax) do not exceed € 2.000.

Further Information

  • Applications are submitted by the corresponding author via an online form
  • If you have any further questions please contact the project-team: publikationsfonds(at)leibniz-gemeinschaft.de

source: Open Access Publishing Fund

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