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Link arXiv account with ORCID

ORCID® iDs are unique researcher identifiers designed to provide a transparent method for linking researchers and contributors to their activities and outputs. arXiv allows you to link your ORCID iD with your arXiv account. This linkage will allow your works on arXiv to be unambiguously connected to your works in other systems. It will help with the ongoing challenge of distinguishing your research activities from those of others with similar names.
ORCID iD with arXiv

Open access APS journals

Ab Januar 2018 gibt eine Open-Access-Vereinbarung den Publizierenden die Möglichkeit, in den drei führenden APS-Zeitschriften aus dem Bereich Hochenergiephysik (HEP) „Physical Review C“, „Physical Review D“ und „Physical Review Letters“ Gold Open Access zu veröffentlichen, d.h. die Artikel sind damit sofort bei Erstveröffentlichung frei verfügbar.

Three APS journals Physical Review C, Physical Review D and Physical Review Letters will be open access as from January 2018.
Therefore, all authors worldwide will be able to publish their high-energy physics articles in the three journals at no direct cost.