Secondary Publication Rights for Scientific Publications

  • secondary publication right modified Urheberrechtsgesetz §38 (4) UrhG
  • allows author of a scientific work to make the manuscript version available to the public
  • scientific work has to be generated in the context of a research activity and published in a periodical collection (at least biannually)
  • law applies to scientific publications in journals and magazines
  • law does not apply to monographs, proceedings, annuals, commemorative publications
  • scientific work was funded minimum 50% by public funds (by federal, state, municipal sources)
  • includes non-university research facilities but not universities
  • period of twelve months has passed after the first publication of the scientific work
  • starting 1. January 2014
  • only publication for non-commercial purposes is allowed
  • source of the first publication has to be named
  • ask your co-authors before re-publishing
  • printed re-publishing is not allowed

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