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Cheryl Praeger Retirement Conference

Cheryl Praeger began her career at the University of Western Australia in 1976, and has recently retired after 40 years of service.
To celebrate her amazing and influential career, there will be a mini-symposium hosted by the University of Western Australia on April 13 (2017). There will be four plenary lectures devoted to Cheryl’s legacy given by some of her closest colleagues:
– Cai Heng Li (Southern University of Science and Technology China)
– Martin Liebeck (Imperial College, University of London)
– Alice Niemeyer (RWTH Aachen University)
– Jacqui Ramagge (University of Sydney)
More details here.

Women of Mathematics exhibition tours UK

This touring exhibition, created by mathematicians Sylvie Paycha  and Sara Azzali together with photographer Noel Tovia Matoff, started at the 7th European Congress of Mathematics held in July 2016 in Berlin. The thirteen women mathematicians portrayed share their experience. The exhibit hopes to highlight the human aspects of producing mathematics, making this discipline more tangible and therefore more accessible to outsiders or newcomers.

In 2017 the exhibition will be touring the UK.

King’s College London will host the exhibit in early 2017; contact:

ICMS has copy of the exhibition that will be on display during ICMS events in 2017     contact:

CWM grants for 2017 announced

CWM has just announced the twelve successful projects, aimed at forming networks, running workshops or schools, and other projects, which it will be funding in 2017. Events will take place in Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Tunisia, South Africa and Vietnam. Details can be found here. For the call itself see  here.

CWM led proposal wins 300,000 euro grant

CWM has just heard that the IMU  proposal to ICSU for the project “A Global approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences : how to measure it, how to reduce it ?” has been successful.  The award is of 300,000 Euros for the period 2017-2019.  CWM was one of the two lead applicants. The first meeting of the project will be held in Paris in early June. For details see here.