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EMS-Simons Africa project funding includes top up grants for women

The European Maths Society -Simons Africa project is a program for fostering opportunities for researchers in Africa.

The African Continent is very diversified and the development of a career in mathematics faces different and sometimes difficult progression. The Committee for Developing Countries (CDC) of the EMS, with the support of the Simons Foundation, is opening a program of research visits to foster research opportunities for young and established researchers.

The aim is to promote individual career possibilities with consequence of an improved global capacity in African academic institutions. The program is open to all areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics and it is directed to fellows based in Africa.

The program specifically includes Top up grants for women funded by the IMU’s Commission for Developing Countries (CDC).

For more information and the other types of funding available see here.

Iranian Women Mathematicians

The Iranian Mathematical Society (IMS) is going to establish a section for Iranian Women Mathematicians. The first gathering of female representatives from all Mathematics Departments in Iran will be held in Shahid Beheshti University on November 17th, 2016.

For more information contact Raheleh Jafari

Claire Voisin wins CNRS Gold medal

Congratulations to Claire Voisin, Professor at Collège de France, Paris, on her award of the 2016 CNRS Gold Medal; France’s highest scientific distinction. Professor Voisin is a specialist in the field of algebraic geometry. Since it was created in 1954, the CNRS Gold Medal is awarded annually to scientific figures who have made an exceptional contribution to ‘the innovation and influence of French research’. Professor Voisin is only the fourth woman, and first female mathematician, to receive the honour. Fore more information, see here.