Monthly Archives: September 2016

CWM Ambassadors

CWM has recently established about 120 special correspondents worldwide, each of whom has the job of disseminating information such as CWM funding calls in her geographical or mathematical neighbourhood, and also of keeping CWM informed about activities or initiatives to be announced on this website. The list of ambassadors is here.

If you want information about activities in a particular country, please first go to the country flag which you can find here, and if there is no flag make contact with the appropriate ambassador.

News from Australia

The WIMSIG Conference

The WIMSIG Conference: Celebration of Women in Mathematics is scheduled to be held on September 25-26, 2017 at the University of South Australia.  The Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group (WIMSIG)  of the Australian Mathematical Society is organizing the first such conference in Australia to promote gender equity in Australian mathematics.


Science Australia Gender Equity: SAGE

On 24 June 2016, eight new institutions joined the SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN at the SAGE Symposium in Sydney, bringing the total number of participating institutions to 40.  SAGE is an Australian pilot of the Uk’s Athena SWAN program . It covers STEMM fields, and almost all Australian universities have signed up for the first two pilot cohorts.