CWM has second meeting

The second meeting of the IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics took place in the IMU offices in Berlin, Germany, July 19, 2016. The main subjects for discussion were, 1) subject based research networks for female mathematicians, as supported by AWM, 2) brief reports on the CWM funded activities in 2016, 3) discussion of possible new activities for 2017, 4) a report on (WM)^2 and CWM at ICM Rio 2018, 5) a possible project to collect data on the gender gap in mathematics in cooperation with other scientists, 6) the CWM website and email contact list, and 7) a new call for activities to be funded by CWM in 2017.


CWM’s second meeting. Left to Right: John Toland (EC liaison), Karen Vogtmann (for Kristin Lauter), Caroline Series, Shreemayee Bora (for Sujatha Ramdorai), Marie-Françoise Roy, Sunsook Noh, Bill Barton, Marie Françoise Ouedraogo.  Photo by Gerhard Telschow (IMU staff).