African Women in Maths have first General Meeting

The first General Meeting of the African Women in Mathematics Association (AWMA) took place in Naivasha, Kenya from 16-18 July 2015. AWMA is also pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

 The meeting attracted 43 participants from 16 African Countries : 
Algeria [1], Burkina Faso [1], Cameroon [2], Cote D’Ivoire [3], DRC 
Congo [1], Gabon [1], Ghana [1], Kenya [11], Morocco [3], Nigeria [5], 
Senegal [3], South Africa [5], Tanzania [1], Uganda [1], Tunisia [1], 
Zimbabwe [1] and two french participants.

The report of activities of the period 2013/2015, the logo of AWMA and  
the new website of AWMA were approved by the General Assemly.

 It was noted that several national associations for Women in 
Mathematics have been created since the establishment of AWMA in 2013, 
in Congo, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria and Tunisia.

For more information on Women in Mathematics activities in Africa go to the AWMA website.