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New from AWM

News from the AWM President Kristin Lauter.

In addition to its presence on Facebook, AWM has recently launched a new Twitter Feed: @AWMmath

The AWM Research Symposium 2015 will be held at University of Maryland, College Park, April 11 -12, 2015. It will showcase the research of women in the mathematical professions, featuring plenary talks, special sessions on a broad range of research in pure and applied mathematics, and poster sessions for graduate students and recent PhDs.

For subject specific conferences, see the new initiative Research Collaboration Conferences for Women.

For more information, see Kristin’s recent interview  on Strongly Connected Components in which she talks about AWM and current AWM initiatives.

Maths day for girls in Senegal

Math Day for Girls entitled Filles et Sciences: une equation lumineuse, will take place in Dakar, Senegal on March 7, 2015.
Math Days for girls are well established in France. This event is a collaboration between the French association Femmes & mathématiques (Women and Mathematics), the African Women in Mathematics Association  (AWMA) and the Association SenChix (Senegal Women in Computer Science). It is expected that about 400 female students in high school or in the first years at the university will take part.


Congratulations to ……

Congratulations to:

Gwyneth Stallard (Open University, UK) who was awarded an OBE in the 2015 British New Year Honours  for the leading role she has played at a national level in advancing women’s careers in mathematics. Gwyneth has been Chair of the London Mathematical Society’s Women in Mathematics Committee since 2006.

Marie-Francoise Roy (Emeritus professor, Rennes) who will be celebrating the occasion of her decoration comme officiere de l’Ordre National du Merite  in a reception organised by femmes et maths on March 14, 2015 in the Institut Henri Poincare.