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2017-07-14: Maryam Mirzakhani passed away

Maryam Mirzakhani, the world’s first woman to win the Fields Medal, passed away. The Fields Medal was awarded to her in 2014 for her outstanding contributions to the dynamics and geometry of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces.

Born in 1977 in Tehran, Iran, Maryam Mirzakhani received her PhD in 2004 from Harvard University. From 2004 to 2008 she was a Clay Mathematics Institute Research Fellow and an assistant professor at Princeton University. She was a professor at Stanford University. Her honors include the 2009 Blumenthal Award for the Advancement of Research in Pure Mathematics, the 2013 Satter Prize of the American Mathematical Society, and the 2014 Clay Research Award. Representative of the many contributions commemorating her is this tribute to M. Mirzakhani.

2017-06-30: Ramanujan Prize awarded to Eduardo Teixeira

The Ramanujan Prize Selection Committee has announced that the 2017 Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from Developing Countries will be awarded to Eduardo Teixeira of the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil. The prize is in recognition of Teixeira’s outstanding work in Analysis and Partial Differential Equations. For more information, see the ICTP announcement below.


2017-01-31: Fields Institute hosting undergraduate summer research program

The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences,, will be hosting the Fields Undergraduate Summer Research Program, which welcomes undergraduate students from around the world for a rich mathematical research experience in July and August. This competitive initiative matches students with faculty from Fields Principal Sponsoring/Affiliate Universities, visiting scientists, or researchers in industry. Students accepted for the Program will have most of their travel and on-site expenses covered by the Institute. For more information on the program, please visit

2016-06-22: Ramanujan Prize awarded to Chenyang Xu

The Ramanujan Prize Selection Committee has announced that the 2016 Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from Developing Countries will be awarded to Chenyang Xu of Beijing International Center of Mathematical Research in China. The prize is in recognition of Xu’s outstanding works in algebraic geometry, notably in the area of birational geometry, including works both on log canonical pairs and on Q-Fano varieties, and on the topology of singularities and their dual complexes. For more information, see the ICTP announcement below.


2016-04-22: The IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program

The IMU is today launching the novel IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program.

Thanks to a generous donation by the winners of the Breakthrough Prizes in Mathematics – Ian Agol, Simon Donaldson, Maxim Kontsevich, Jacob Lurie, Terence Tao and Richard Taylor – IMU with the assistance of FIMU and TWAS is today launching a fellowship program to support postgraduate studies in a developing country, leading to a PhD degree in the mathematical sciences. The IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships will offer a limited number of grants for excellent students from developing countries.

The deadline for nominations is 09:00 am CET on 22 June 2016. Further information can be found in the Press Release and the Breakout Graduate Fellowship Call for Nomination, see below .

Press Release BGF Call for Nomination

2015-11-09: IMU’s Committee for Women in Mathematics invites proposals for funding

The IMU’s Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM) invites proposals for funding of up to €3,000 for activities or initiatives taking place in 2016, and aimed at establishing or supporting networks for women in mathematics, preferably at the continental or regional level, and with priority given to networks and individuals in developing or emerging countries. For more information see the CWM’s home page

2015-10-13: lnternational Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences (AMNS-2016) in Kathmandu, Nepal, May 26-29, 2016

The Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America (ANMA), Nepal Mathematical Society (NMS) and mathematics departments in Nepal (Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University) have planned an International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences, May 26-29, 2016, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Please visit the Website for more information.

2015-08-03: Ramanujan Prize awarded to Amalendu Krishna

The Ramanujan Prize Selection Committee has announced that the 2015 Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from Developing Countries will be awarded to the Indian mathematician Amalendu Krishna in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the area of algebraic K-theory, algebraic cycles and the theory of motives. For more Information, see the ICTP announcement.

2015-03-16: Meetings of IMU EC, CDC, and CEIC in Berlin in March 2015

The IMU Executive Committee (EC) held its annual meeting at the IMU Secretariat in Berlin on Saturday/Sunday March 14/15, 2015. On Thursday/Friday March 12/13, 2015 there was a meeting of the IMU Commission for Developing Countries (CDC) in the IMU Secretariat. The IMU EC and the CDC had a joint meeting on Friday in order to discuss major issues of activities  and the collaboration of the EC and CDC in the past, present and future. On Saturday/Sunday March 21/22, 2015 the IMU Committee on Information and Communication (CEIC) will also meet in the premises of the IMU Secretariat.

2014-04-06: Commemorative plaque for Niels Henrik Abel in Berlin

A bronze plaque commemorating the Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel was inaugurated by representatives of Norway and the International Mathematical Union on April 6, 2014 in Berlin on the occasion of the 185th anniversary of Abel’s death. For more Information see the press release (in German) and further reports (





2014-03-26: Abel Prize for 2014 to Yakov G. Sinai

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the Abel Prize for 2014 to Yakov G. Sinai, Princeton University, USA, and Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, “for his fundamental contributions to dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and mathematical physics”.

2014-03-08: IMU EC Meeting

The IMU Executive Committee held its annual meeting in Princeton, USA, on March 8-9, 2014 (a second meeting will take place this year immediately before the IMU General Assembly meeting in Gyeongju, Korea, August 2014). This meeting was hosted by the Mathematics Department of Princeton University. One big issue of the agenda was the forthcoming international congress ICM 2014.

2014-01-08: International Congress of Women Mathematicians 2014 (ICWM 2014)

The ICWM 2014 is an associated meeting of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 (ICM 2014) that will take place from August 13-21, 2014 in Seoul, Korea. The ICWM 2014 ( consists of two days of activities of which the first one is scheduled for August 12, 2014 at Ewha Womans University and the second for August 14, 2014 at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul, Korea. Please see the attached announcement for more information.


2013-11-27: Heidelberg Laureate Forum: Call for applications

The second Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) will take place from September 21 to 26, 2014 in Heidelberg, Germany. Applications from young researchers to attend this Forum will be accepted until February 28, 2014. The HLF is looking for outstanding young mathematicians from all over the world who would like to get a chance to personally meet winners of the most prestigious awards in mathematics and computer science: Fields, Abel, Nevanlinna, and Turing Laureates. Details can be found at,
If additional information is needed, please write to:

2013-09-22: Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2013

Today, September 22, 2013 is the official opening of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2013. The Forum is the first of its kind, it gathers prominent scientists from the fields of mathematics and computer science, who are Abel, Fields and/or Turing laureates, and outstanding young researchers for a one week conference in the city of Heidelberg, Germany. For more information about the laureates, the Forum and the conference program see

2013-05-29: Abel Visiting Scholar Program

The Niels Henrik Abel Board and the International Mathematical Union are pleased to announce the “Abel Visiting Scholar Program”.

The program invites mathematicians professionally based in developing countries to visit an international research collaborator for a period of one month. The period is extendable for up to three months in the case of matching support from the host institution. Up to three mathematicians per year will be supported.

The program is designed for post doctoral mathematicians in the early stages of their professional careers. It is designed to offer the opportunity for a “research sabbatical”, a necessary complement to teaching and other academic duties for mathematicians desiring to also sustain a viable research program.

Basic Requirements: Applicants must hold a PhD in Mathematics and be in the early stages of their professional careers. This means that the applicant should be under 40 years on July 1st, 2013 and not yet of full professorial rank. The maximum age may be increased by up to three years in the case of an individual with a broken career pattern. Applications from women mathematicians are strongly encouraged. The applicant should already have initiated research contact with the proposed international research partner. The collaboration should take place at the international partner’s home institution.

Financial Support: The grant will cover health insurance, visa cost, all travel (economy flights or equivalent) and living expenses including accommodation for one month for up to a total maximum amount of USD 5,000 per mathematician.

The Abel Visiting Scholar Program is administered by the Commission for Developing Countries (CDC) of the International Mathematical Union. A selection committee decides which applications are successful.

More information can be found here:



2013-03-13: IMU EC Meeting 2013, CDC, and MENAO

The IMU Executive Committee (EC) held its annual meeting at the IMU Secretariat in Berlin on March 11-12, 2013. The meeting was preceded
by a gathering of the members of the Commission for Developing Countries and several guests. The IMU EC and CDC jointly decided, e.g., to host with the support of the ICM 2014 organizers a MENAO event (MENAO stands for “Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities”) on August 12, 2013 in Seoul, Korea, aiming at finding additional support for mathematics in developing countries.