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2015-09-27: October 19-22, 2015, Fields Medal Symposium Honouring Stanislav Smirnov

The Symposium will be centered on the work of Stanislav Smirnov (Fields Medal 2010), and its current and potential impact.

His research focuses on the fields of complex analysis, dynamical systems, and probability theory.
The scientific program is aimed at a wide audience, including graduate students, mathematicians in other research areas, and scientists who use mathematics in an important way. The public opening of the Symposium will feature two mathematics lectures, one which will be given by Stanislav Smirnov. The Symposium will also have a special event for high school and undergraduate students.

All events will be broadcast live online.

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October 19 – Public Opening with Stanislav Smirnov, Isabel Bader Theatre, 7:00 p.m.

October 20 – Special Program for Students, Fields Institute, 5:30 p.m. followed by pizza dinner

2014-08-13: IMU Prizes awarded

The five IMU prizes of 2014 have been awarded on August 13, 2014 during the Opening Ceremony of ICM 2014 in Seoul, Republic of Korea by Park Geun-hye, the Honorable President of Korea. Information about the 2014 winners can be found HERE (

2014-08-11: 17th meeting of the IMU General Assembly

The 17th meeting of the General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union has been closed. It took place in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, on August 10th and 11th. The following major decisions have been made:

The IMU Executive Committee, the Commission for Developing Countries (CDC), and the IMU members of the joint International Commission on the History of Mathematics (ICHM) for 2015-2018 have been elected. Shigefumi Mori will be the next IMU President, Helge Holden the next IMU Secretary. Click here to view the new IMU leadership.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been chosen as the site of ICM 2018, this congress will take place on August 7-15, 2018. São Paulo will be the location of the 18th meeting of the IMU General Assembly. More information can be found in the ICM 2018 bid book.

Papua New Guinea and Senegal were admitted as new IMU Associate Members.

The General Assembly has endorsed many guidelines, and in particular the document Recommendation on the evaluation of individual researchers in the mathematical sciences written by an ad-hoc committee set up by the IMU EC.

2014-08-09: 85th IMU Executive Committee Meeting (Gyeongju, Korea)

The last meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union during the term 2011-2014 has terminated in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea. The most important issues were the final preparations of the meeting of the IMU General Assembly (August 10-11, 2014, also in Gyeongju), the MENAO Symposium on August 12, and the International Congress of Mathematicians 2014.

2014-07-30: The Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities (MENAO) event will be held on August 12, 2014 in Seoul, Korea

The symposium will explore the distribution of mathematical talent and the opportunities to develop that talent as well as the intellectual and economic consequences arising from this distribution. It is postulated that mathematical talent is spread more or less equally between all nations and peoples, but the opportunities to develop this talent is concentrated in developed nations. The MENAO symposium will highlight countries and regions that have, within a relatively short period of time, seen immense improvements in economic development and societal well-being and explore the relationship between this development and the mathematical understanding of the nations in question.

The event, hosted by the International Mathematical Union (IMU), will bring potential sponsors and cooperation partners together with projects and organizations related to mathematics in developing countries.  Highlighting past achievements and identifying future opportunities will also be part of the program.

The day-long symposium will include an overview of the development of mathematics in Korea and Chile, and its relationship with economic development, talks from senior economists from Stanford and Cambridge and Fields medallists and mathematicians from a variety of developing countries.

Participants will include international organisations like UNESCO and ICSU, foundations like Simons Foundation, Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation and Klaus Tschira Foundation, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM, India), German Research Foundation (DFG), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation (AvH),   Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW), ministers, ambassadors and other interested parties.

More information can be found at:

2014-07-30: Mathematics in Developing Regions: Challenges and Opportunities

The Commision for Developing Countries (CDC) has released three reports on the state, challenges and opportunities  of mathematics in developing regions: Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.



Summary Proposals Report
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