2014-08-11: 17th meeting of the IMU General Assembly

The 17th meeting of the General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union has been closed. It took place in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, on August 10th and 11th. The following major decisions have been made:

The IMU Executive Committee, the Commission for Developing Countries (CDC), and the IMU members of the joint International Commission on the History of Mathematics (ICHM) for 2015-2018 have been elected. Shigefumi Mori will be the next IMU President, Helge Holden the next IMU Secretary. Click here to view the new IMU leadership.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been chosen as the site of ICM 2018, this congress will take place on August 7-15, 2018. São Paulo will be the location of the 18th meeting of the IMU General Assembly. More information can be found in the ICM 2018 bid book.

Papua New Guinea and Senegal were admitted as new IMU Associate Members.

The General Assembly has endorsed many guidelines, and in particular the document Recommendation on the evaluation of individual researchers in the mathematical sciences written by an ad-hoc committee set up by the IMU EC.