2012-03-21: Cost of Knowledge and Elsevier boycott, new paper

Journal prices have been, since the beginning of the electronic publication age, an intensely discussed hot topic. Tim Gower’s call to action “Elsevier — my part in its downfall”  in January 2012 started a boycott against Elsevier running under the title “The Cost of Knowledge”. This movement has gained significant momentum and lead almost 10.000 researcher so far to sign a boycott list. The paper “Mathematicians take a stand” by Douglas N. Arnold and Henry Cohn that will appear in the Notices of the AMS was just released on the arXiv, see arxiv.org/abs/1204.1351. The authors survey the ongoing Elsevier boycott, examine pricing and bundling, and lapses in ethics and peer review. They conclude with thoughts about the future of mathematical publishing.