2010-08-17: International Congress of Mathematicians 2010

The 16th General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union has been closed. It took place in Bangalore, India, on August 16th and 17th. The following major decisions have been made:

The IMU Executive Committee, the Commission for Developing Countries (CDC), and the IMU members of the Joint International Commission on the History of Mathematics (ICHM) for 2011-2014 have been elected. Ingrid Daubechies will be the next IMU President, click here to view the new IMU leadership.

Seoul, Republic of Korea, has been chosen as the location of ICM 2014, this congress will place in the second half of August 2014. Gyungju will be the location of the next General Assembly.

The Weierstrass Institute Berlin, Germany, will host the permanent office of IMU. The new office will take up its operation in January 2011.

Montenegro became a new IMU Member, Cambodia, Moldova, Nepal, and Oman became new IMU Associate Members, the South-East Asia Mathematical Society became a new IMU Affiliate Member.

The General Assembly has endorsed the document ‘Best Current Practices for Journals‘ produced by IMU´s Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC).