IMU to set up International Committee for Women Mathematicians

At its meeting on August 12, 2014, the IMU Executive Committee decided that a committee will be created that will:
– be in charge of the IMU Women in Mathematics website
– help organize future International Congresses of Women Mathematicians (ICWM)
– organize the selection of the ICM Emmy Noether Lecturer
– promote international contacts between national and regional
organizations for women in mathematics
– work with the CDC (Commission for Developing Countries) and ICMI  (International Commission on Mathematical Instruction) on issues pertaining to women and
their representation

A small international group is currently being set up and chaired by Ingrid Daubechies to work with the EC to define the Terms of Reference and organizational structure of the future committee. Their proposals will be submitted to the EC for discussion at their meeting in Spring 2015.

Maryam Mirzakhani wins Fields medal

We are absolutely delighted to congratulate Maryam Mirzakhani on her achievement in being the first woman ever to be awarded the Fields medal, for her outstanding work on the geometry and dynamics of moduli spaces. Below are some links to news and articles. For a 2008 interview with Maryam, see here.

ICM Announcement

ICM Video and information about Maryam

ICM Seoul Opening Ceremony Pictures

Google Pictures

Stanford University News Announcement



BBC News

Simons Foundation

+plus online maths magazine (For schools)

From Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iranian news

Libération (France): blog Lettres de Téhéran

TV:  Belgium ;   Radio Canada (Interview with Laurence Broze, présidente de l’Association femmes et mathématiques)

International Press: El Pais  (Spain); Le Figaro (France);  Frankfurter Allgemeine Wissen (Germany); Le Monde  (France); New York Times (USA).

More press comment by mathematicians:

Guardian  (UK;  by Sam Howison, Chair of Oxford Mathematics Institute)

Le Plus (France; by Véronique Slovacek-Chauveau, Vice-présidente de Femmes et Mathématiques)

The Times Higher  (UK; by Caroline Series, Chair of EMS WiM Committee)

Matepristem (Italy; by Elisabetta Strickland, Member of  EMS WiM Committee.)




International Congress of Women Mathematicians

August 12,14, 2014

August 12, 2014 (8am to 5pm) at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

August 14, 2014 (1pm to 9pm) at Coex Convention Center, Seoul, Korea

The International Congress of Women Mathematicians 2014 (ICWM 2014) is an associated meeting of the 27th International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 (ICM 2014) which will be held from August 13-21, 2014 in Seoul, Korea. ICWM 2014 will  bring together women mathematicians and their supporters from around the world. It will showcase the mathematical contributions of women mathematicians, and provide opportunity for them, especially those from developing countries, to meet and exchange experience and ideas.

The ICWM 2014 is sponsored and organized by the Korean Women in Mathematical Sciences (KWMS) with close assistance and guidance from the International Mathematical Union (IMU). In order to support the participation of women mathematicians from around the world, especially from developing countries, the KWMS is also providing 100 travel grants (Together Project) to selected attendees.

For more information and registration, please visit